5 things to know before your Croatian summer

By Susanna Borio

Winter is slowly coming to an end. The days are finally getting slightly longer. With every passing day, you can feel summer approaching. You are dreaming of lying on a beach with a cocktail in your hand and a straw hat on your head after a night of clubbing.

Well, if you’re in your early 20s and looking for a cheaper, but just as appealing, alternative to going to Ibiza, the Croatian island of Pag might be the right fit for you.

image credit: @pagisland on Instagram

While beach side clubs and everyday parties might sound like a lot of people’s dream holiday, there are some things you need to know before you book your flight (from personal experience):

Never go to a restaurant without checking their google rating.

This might sound obvious to some; however, it is the easiest one to break. After a couple of days of partying you will find yourself in front of a random restaurant, hungover out of your mind, sweating under the sun and wishing you made better decisions the night before. As you stare at a pig roasting on a spit inside a small window you will think to yourself “how bad could that be?” The answer is very. Don’t fall for it. Don’t let the pig trick you. You’ll inevitably end up hunched over the toilet for the following 8 hours begging for a merciful death.

Do not drink the tap water

Again, unless you want to spend the next couple of days hoping for a sign from the Heavens, do not drink from the sink. It can be boiled or used to make coffee with an old school coffee maker or a French press. But don’t drink it or you will spend the rest of your vacation in bed with a fever.

Be careful who you talk to on a night out
image credit: @crystal_tours on Instagram

This might once again feel like an obvious one. However, when spending the night dancing and drinking with strangers on the beach you might end up befriending some rando. And this random person you just met might just end up trying to break into your apartment at three in the morning to “just see if you were awake”, all while you’re puking your guts out and unfortunately learning lesson number one.

The weather will not always be your friend

Now there’s really not a lot you can do about this one. Just be prepared. There will be strong winds, especially at night, destroying your perfectly coiffed hairstyles and trying to lift up any flowy skirts. Hot summers mixed with these strong winds might also mean that your night out might be cut short by a fire starting in the forest surrounding the clubs. While sort of unlikely, you might end up having to drunkenly evacuate the club and herd your way drunker friends back to your house.

Do not get a tattoo

With easy access to tattoo parlours right outside the clubs, you will be tempted to do something stupid. After around five drinks you will feel this uncontrollable urge to go in and get something to remember the experience by, after all you “will never be as young as you are now”. This might seem like a fun and spontaneous idea, however, is it worth the infection you’re definitely going to get when you inevitably feel like you’re burning and jump into the sea the next day? Probably not

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Featured image by Máté Melega on Unsplash


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