Is CVC’s ‘Get Real’ the 70s revival we’ve all been waiting for?

By Ryan Billing

January can be a pretty dry month for finding new music to kick start the year with. Luckily, CVC has provided an album with feel good vibes that will instantly boost your mood.

The Welsh band hailing from Church Village, which Church Village Collective takes their name, produced an album that could easily sit in the discography of any of The Beatles or or Steely Dan’s early solo work . When this album came in the post it tingled the part of my brain that craves new music with that style and CVC have fulfilled that craving in every possible way.

The album starts off with ‘Hail Mary’, a song that feels like a song that was ripped straight from Paul and Linda McCartney’s 1971 album ‘Ram’. Lucious harmonies, funky bass lines and soothing 70s pop rock guitar, a theme that follows throughout the album. ‘Knock Knock’ follows a few songs later giving a Steely Dan/Supertramp vibe with electric keys that swirl the ears in a fun way. The lead single for the album ‘Good Morning Vietnam’ has a very Rolling Stones/Blondie heavy tone with an almost rockified disco feel to it

I’m normally a very cynical man when it comes to listening to new music what I listen to, which is obviously a stupid thing to do. Without this being sent in the post from the Rough Trade Album Club, I would never have listened to it and yet again I’m surprisingly glad I did. It also came with a CD single with a few classic covers such as ‘Billie jean’ and ‘It’s a Long Way to the Top (if You Want to Rock n Roll)’ to name a few, that prove where their influences lie and what sound they are trying to present.

If you have a chance to listen to both the album and the CD single, which may be available bootlegged somewhere, I highly recommend it if you are after a new band with a 70s vibe fit for the 2020s.

‘Get Real’ is available now on all streaming platforms.

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