‘TV or Not TV’ that is the question and Liily gives us the answers

By Ryan Billing

I’m a sucker for good album artwork, and Liily’s ‘TV or Not TV’ drew me in from the list of music I was given to listen to from my editor: An old CRTV with ‘TV or Not TV’ and some art playing on it, what could I not like.

Let’s start with the music: If you’re into bands like Fontaines D.C., The IDLES and then halfway through the album bands like My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive, this is the album for you. I’m not really one for the former of selection, I don’t consider myself an angry young man which the music, is directed to.

My editor might disagree with the way I talk about certain bands, so if it wasn’t for the album artwork, I would never have listened but I’m glad I did.

The opening track ‘Mr. Speaker Gets the World’ kicks off the album in a way to prepare you for what’s to come with heavy guitar hooks, punchy drums and powerful almost on the brink of breaking vocals.

This sort of theme and style carries on right through to the track ‘Anvil’ which takes a more shoegaze-y approach to their music with yet another change straight after with ‘The Yig’ which is an electronic rock song (looping drums, random screechy guitars). It then goes back to more ‘angry young man’ music.

Don’t get me wrong this is a wonderful album with wonderful parts to it. If you’re into the L.A. based rock scene, I really recommend this album, especially if you need a good forty-three minutes of music while having a frustrated bus ride home after your pointless everyday job.

Overall ‘TV or Not TV’ gets a good 6/10, I liked it, but it will be a while till I listen again. If you enjoy the album, I definitely recommend their most recent single ‘Applause’ which came out of the end of last year and is a great follow up to ‘TV or Not TV’.

‘Applause’ and ‘TV or Not TV’ is available on all streaming platforms

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