Paris in a Bottle (& Rye)

The appeal of the Parisian lifestyle is as desirable today as it’s ever been. For those of you who just finished binging Emily in Paris and thought to yourself ‘I’d love to be there, minus the obnoxious outfits’, Bottle & Rye might just be able to scratch that itch.

This Brixton based wine bar is the perfect place to discover if you’re one of those people who are terribly repulsed by traditional French cuisine before spending your money to get there, only to find yourself stuck eating fast-food the entire trip. It won’t make the Tour Eiffel any less beautiful, but it might make the experience feel less authentic.

Photo credit: @bottleandrye on instagram

So, whether you’re looking for a place to host weekend brunches, have a glass wine to unwind after a long day of work or the perfect intimate date spot, this is absolutely the place to go.

An ode to the classic neighbourhood bistros found throughout Paris, Bottle & Rye is a natural wine bar located at the heart of the Brixton Village. Sitting among more than 140 retailers and restaurant, high profile chef Robin Gill aims to create an authentically French experience less than 30 minutes from London’s centre.

Unequivocally taking inspiration from the distinctive Parisian café culture, the venue carries a strikingly intimate and familiar vibe. From the limited seating space, most of which is arranged around the bar, to the view of the small kitchen set up, which can only host up to three people at a time.

Even the choice to have one large blackboard sprung on the wall as the only food menu available feeds into the relaxed atmosphere.

Photo credit: @bottleandrye on instagram

The menu is packed with classics from French bistro cuisine. Their barbecued anchovies, pigs head and glazed lamb will leave you questioning why you ever thought snails would be the most surprisingly delicious thing France had to offer.

However, the reason why you’ll want to visit this spot over and over again… the reason why you WILL want to make it a favourite spot to visit. The drinks menu.

Photo credit: @bottleandrye on instagram

Their small selection of highly curated cocktails has something for everybody. But these are not your ordinary cocktails.

Instead of going for the usual Espresso Martini, why not try Sharon’s Breakfast, a croissant infused cognac mixed with Nutella, coffee, and coconut, and rethink everything you’ve ever thought to be true about cocktails.

And last but not least. Their crème de la crème if you will. Their ever-changing wine selection, this is a wine bar after all! With a focus on championing vibrant and exciting natural wines from across Europe you will never get tired of their incredible collection.

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