5 Artists You Know From TikTok About To Go Mainstream

Since lockdown happened, TikTok has become one of the most used apps. It’s probably because you can find everything there (and I mean literally everything). From recipes to business tips to new artists promoting their music and going mainstream. Have you ever been scrolling through your “for you” page and found an artist advertising their song and instantly fell for the snippet you just heard and, suddenly, you can’t get it out of your head? Maybe you forgot to mark the date and you can’t find it now? We know the feeling! Or maybe you’re just looking for new, promising music? Either way, we’ve got you covered with 5 artists that are constantly popping out on our TikTok “for you” page and we cannot get enough of their music.

Annika Rose

Los Angeles-based Annika Rose is a pop singer-songwriter who spends most of her nights alone at the piano honing her unique voice. She has a lyrical personality that departs from the typical pop environment, conveying a rarely-spoken reality about the emotional instability that comes with growing up. She released her debut single entitled “In the End” in fall 2019 which was quickly followed up with the “Ventura Boulevard” EP and has been successful ever since. Annika recently released her newest single “Hypocrite” about giving the best advice to her friends but never following it herself. A pop fantasy echoing Charlie XCX that got featured on Spotify’s “New Music Friday” playlist.

Kate Stephenson

Indie-pop singer-songwriter and producer Kate Stephenson already has two astonishing albums on her record. Her sound is in between classic and modern elements with delicate vocals. Everything changed for Kate when she added a video of herself dancing to the snippet of her most recent single “Exless” from her upcoming album on Tik Tok and got 2 million views and 6 thousand Spotify pre-saves within 24 hours! One month after the release, her single has reached almost 1 million streams


Frawley is a pop singer with a strong and nimble voice and a diverse variety of influences. She draws inspiration from vocal legends like Christina Aguilera and Beyoncé as well as electronic visionaries like Avicii. Her Irish roots also have a huge influence on her music, this introduced her to Wolfe Tones and the Dubliners, among others. She released her debut single “Hard Boy” in spring 2019, which now has over 10 million streams on Spotify and, this Friday, Frawley released her first single in 2021 dedicated to her little brother, called “Austin’s Song”. This single is completely different from her other work, consisting of her gentle voice and piano.

Beth McCarthy

Based in London, Beth McCarthy is a pop independent artist who captivates listeners with her straightforward storytelling and raw, emotional vocals mixed with a diverse pop style. Beth’s career grew after her rework of “Be Around Me” by Will Joseph Cook went viral on Tik Tok. As a result, she released the entire rewrite, entitled “Omg Did She Call Him Baby?”. However, her newest single “She Gets the Flowers” was by far her biggest success with 60 thousand pre-saves and almost 2 million streams on Spotify. “She Gets the Flowers” is the perfect song to cry and scream to in the car at night. It’s definitely edgier than any song she has done before.

Frannie B

Modern pop artist Frannie B is derives inspiration from a lot of different artists, such as Rita Ora, Dua Lipa and even a dash of Kehlani’s R’n’B. For her music is all about letting yourself be free and expressing your thoughts. It’s Frannie B’s safe space. If you’re a big Marvel fan, I promise you’ll love her latest release “Made For You (Avengers)”. It’s a song about being in love, full of comparisons to Marvel best-known characters mixed with soft vocals and a beat that will make you want to dance.

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