Outfly and his Lockdown Jam With a Twist

“A lot of artists have put out lockdown-themed songs, but I feel like my song is a fresh take on the premise and something that people might relate to, now more than ever.” Maharshi Jani, better known as Outfly, recently released his lockdown themed single ‘Resurface’. This isn’t the classic “Stuck With U” kind of lockdown song though, Outfly takes a differnet approach to the theme. 

Describing the theme of the song, he said: “The song describes the thoughts of a broken-hearted lover who’s been separated from their muse, but refuses to fall out of love. The separation is a result of the ongoing pandemic, where the two people are stuck in different countries and don’t know if or when they’ll be able to meet.” The lyrics are sad, yet hopeful. “My songwriting is like writing personal letters” he told us.

The song itself opens with a guitar riff that will get stuck in your head (and you’ll like it) and then descends into the kind of indie dream-pop style we can’t get enough of here at The Curve. There are silky smooth vocals, groovy synths and ecstatic basslines; you may think it would be counteractive to the melancholic lyrics, but it grows and develops the song into something intelligent and well made.

This is perfect for late night staring out of the window kind of times and a must-listen for any fans of dream-pop.

You can follow Outfly’s journey here: