Big Mamma’s Carlotta: London’s New Retro Trattoria of Neapolitan-Sicilian Delights

By Susanna Borio

This 12th of May, Big Mamma, the group behind recently launched Jacuzzi and London icons Gloria, Ave Mario and Circolo Popolare, is opening their 5th London restaurant Carlotta.

Photo Credit: Jerome Galland

Located in heart of Marylebone Village, the new restaurant will betheir most intimate location yet. The elegant trattoria serves dishes inspired by famiglia-style Neapolitan and Sicilian classics with a retro Italian-American twist. 

In classic Italian style, their new menu includes a delicate rosé veal tartare; tempura shrimp cocktail; penne alla vodka with Cornish crab; delicate lamb arrosticini skewers; and a giant ten-tiered choco fudge cake

Photo Credit: Jerome Galland

The drinks menu has an extended whiskey list for sophisticated evenings out at their 80’s style drinking den. The room exhibits a red terrace with a long skylit dining room and leather furnishings, golden drapes and a soft suede ceiling.

As the evening draws to a close one can’t help but revel in the sheer indulgence of Carlotta. From the opulent Venetian marble bar, where the unique pre-dinner cocktails excite and prepare your palate, to the midnight blue velvet basement, where Chef Armando’s mastery unfolds before your very eyes, this is an experience that transcends your ordinary trattoria.

Securing a table at this culinary heaven is to secure a moment of pure bliss. Book your table now to indulge in Big Mamma’s must-order truffle pasta served in a glorious wheel of Parmesan and more!


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