IMMERSE concert review: pop-punk meets heavy metal

By Susanna Borio

Following their newest single release ‘It’s All Good’, IMMERSE set off on a UK wide tour opening for metalcore band Chuggaboom, playing 10 free entry shows in a effort to help fans with the cost of living crisis.

Held in the tiny upstairs loft of the Camden bar The Black Heart, a grimy looking bar refuge for anyone of the alt persuasion, the band as third in an incredible opening line-up. Following the likes of Seek Harbour and Glass Heart the atmosphere in the room was electric.

As the night progressed, and the audience got inevitably drunker, the venue was shaken by the grind and people moving in the right direction. Being the only band able to start an actual mosh pit, the reaction to their unique heavy metal – punk laced sound was met with great enthusiasm.

The Bristol quartet performed pieces from their previous two albums, along with their new track ‘It’s All Good’ which created a spark of energy leaving the crowd aching for more. They left the stage between loud objections and requests for more.

The band’s guitarist, Tim Brown explained how the latest release came together: “It was written at a time where covid was starting to die out, we had started playing shows for the first time in a few years and I got this huge surge of love flow back into me from the good vibes that were there. I realised at the time how much I missed it and how important live music was in my life. Seeing everyone bring insane energy to the shows and falling back into the live scene was truly beautiful.”

Recently signed with Adventure Cat Records, Brown says “[It] was an easy decision. Having a label that showed so much excitement for our new music made it a seamless step for the band. We are buzzing to unleash our best songs to date with this killer team behind us!”

You can find the band on social media and listen to their newest single “It’s All Good” on Spotify now!

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