Get Inspired at KYK’s ‘Voice of Women’ Exhibition

“Through my artwork, I want to bring a little more good to this world,” says Karis Yves Knight, known better as KYK Designs, who is a young and empowering female artist based in Scotland.

Karis Yves Knight with one of her paintings

Recently Karis Yves Knight created The Voice of Women (V.O.W) project, which aimed bring to the light and highlight women to other females globally, and it will be displayed at J/M Gallery from the 23rd to 29thof August. “I have realised through my 24 years through my own experiences on this spherical globe that there was/and still is, so much I didn’t understand about what other women are experiencing and have experienced,” Knight says. “It is time to introduce ourselves to each other.”

Karis’ idea of wanting to shine the light upon women through her artwork was surprisingly born in 2020 while studying Occupational Therapy in Glasgow and being on a placement that made her recognise her truest heart desires. “The relationship between a therapist and a patient is always going to come with barriers. This all leads to a very special idea.”

One of Knight’s astonishing paintings

Transformative female artist finds her experience gained at the university impactful to her personal growth. “With everything I had learned at uni, I realised how amazing and multifaceted we are as humans. This made me reflect on myself, as a woman in this world.”

Empowering creative feels grateful for her background and always strives to help the less advantaged people. “This is why, I need to use my voice to empower others just like me, a woman of the world. It is for this reason that I am so passionate about helping others grow with every inch that I do.”

Exhibition’s date: 23 – 29August 2021

Address: J/M Gallery, 230 Portobello Road London W11 1LJ