Songdew x The Curve Magazine: This Month’s Round-up

Some of this month’s winners. Alan Ebe (Top Left), Gooth (Top Right), Reaven (Centre)

As a music publication, we recieve email after email about expanding our reach. Why we’re doing it all wrong and why (despite the numerous grammatical errors) this such person or company is the answer to the prayers we never sent and that, for a “small” fee, we will soon be trading blows with the NMEs and Pitchforks out there. When we recieved an email from a company called Songdew we assumed this would be the case yet again and, assuming they were just another “growth” company (though they had much better grammar), we left it to one side. They sent a follow up, we cautiously responded, and I’m so glad we did because it led to a partnership that has helped us find some of the most exciting musicians we’ve seen and gives us a way to bring their tracks directly to you. Each one of these songs is something that not only excites us now, but gives us such hope for the future of music going forward too. So, without further ado, these are the winners of June’s competition and just why their tracks stood out above all the rest.

Reaven – Electric Love

A must for your summer soundtrack this year, Reaven’s “Electric Love” is top quality pop-rock made for windows-down road trips, warm nights by the ocean and disco lights. Though the lyrics may be simple, it only benefits the song and its catchy hooks. Listen to it once, and its like you’ve known it for years. Slick guitars, smooth vocals and the chorus, oh the chorus! I fully welcome this being stuck in my head for the forseeable future. This is absolutely divine and a group we will definitely be keeping an eye on going forward.

You can check out Reaven’s work here:

Gooth – 2 Puffs of the Cloud

Vibes. Pure, unadulterated, spine chilling vibes. The guitar that starts off this song instantly dragged me in, and suddenly I was on another level. The drums hit, the synth riffs and then the chorus drops with it’s hooks that just compliment the track perfectly. It’s not just the music itself, Gooth’s voice has a maturity well beyond his years and a raspy tone that, once layered with a vocoder and wavering vocalisation in the background, you’re floating. Think “Redbone” by Childish Gambino and a little bit of Still Woozy’s “Goodie Bag”. It’s one of those songs that is not just enjoyable but an experience in itself. One that is not easily explained but, once you’ve given it a listen, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

You can check out Gooth’s work here:

Alan Ebe – Comeover

“Damn, this gives me ZAYN vibes” said one of our writers when we put this track on. She wasn’t wrong. The silky-smooth vocals, deep cutting lyrics and guitar-so-slick-it-could-replace-Ryan-Reynolds showcase Alan’s abilities in building a beautiful R’n’B and Gospel inspired masterpiece. The harmonies too, I sense some serious D’Angelo inspirations here (which makes me happier than you could ever know) and it is so refreshing to hear such dedication to not just the lead vocals, but the backing vocals too which take this song to dizzying new heights. Alan’s voice is stunning and perfectly suited to this style of music and, if that wasn’t enough, a soulful guitar solo to cap it all off. C’est bon.

You can check out Alan’s work here:

Sanjeeta Bhattacharya – Red (feat. Niu Raza, A.S.J. & Pranay Parti)

This song was one whose praises I could not stop singing during the selection process. This is how you do a collaboration piece people so listen and take notes. We begin our journey with a soulful, R’n’B inspired chorus and a beat that would give the greats a run for their money. The rest of the song is a journey through multilingual verses with perfectly crafted hooks and rhymes and a lyrical depth that becomes something that, each time you listen to it, gets under your skin a little more. Also, any song with brass hooks is a major win in my books, and these just compliment the smooth wave the track creates for you to ride. Beautifully crafted and produced, Sanjeeta and co. have created something truly special.

You can check out Sanjeeta’s work here:

Hanumankind – Genghis

When I saw the shortlist of submissions, this track stood out to me from the start with it’s unique title. It peaked my curiosity instantly and stayed with me right to the end. For lack of a better word, this song slaps. Hard. The lyrics, the flow and the beat all combine perfectly to make a hip-hop track with energy and flair. Speaking of energy, this is a track that oozes life, and Hanumankind’s approach to this only makes me wonder just how good this song could be when performed live. The cherry on top though is how he approaches the lyrics. No matter how good your hooks are, without depth and meaning songs come and go and end up forgettable. Not here, this is an insightful journey through India’s social and political issues, and all brought up without alienating his audience in any way. Pure. Class.

You can check out Hanumankind’s work here: