Ko-Lab – Irfana x Taslina

Ko-Lab is the collaboration of Irfana and Taslina, childhood friends turned hip-hip artists, that fuses political underground rap with soul-searching gospel music for an unexpected ride.

Named after their hometown Kodainkanal (Ko-Lab = Kondaikanal Laboratory), the EP balances the exploration of the current political atmosphere with personal soul searching as a 20 something-year-old.

The EP is composed of 4 very different pieces exploring different sides of their personalities and personal experiences, this combination allows for there to be a song for everyone.

The duo is composed of Irfana, a rapper and songwriter that finds her influence from both the poets studied at university and artists such as J Cole and Earthgang. On the EP she explores political theory mixed with old school rhymes and gospel.

And Taslina, a producer, rapper and graphic and motion designer studying in Atlanta. Her influences range from hip-hop and electronic music to both global and local arts.

Ko-Lab also features Producers Kalla Sha, who brings his signature trap-heavy 808 tyle beats to the tracks MOB and Program; Doc Awes, the multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer; and the soul singer RANI.

This EP’s vibes are so strong you don’t need to be a hip-hop fan to enjoy it! Make sure to check them out on Spotify.