4 Rising Sapphic Singers Your Pride Month Needs

Abigail Fierce

This LA-based alt-pop rock artist made her way into the music scene in 2020 with her single: ‘Pitch Dark’, now she is pushing boundaries with her newest single: ‘Scream it to the Whole World’.

The 20-year-old singer brings a guitar lead, pop-punk style song that will make you wish for a cheesy early-2000’s lesbian rom-com just for it to be part of the soundtrack. But let’s be honest, when do we ever not wish for a movie like that?!

‘Scream it to the Whole World’ opens a door into the oh so dangerous world of secret teenage queer relationships. The lyrics follow two girls who find themselves falling for each other but having to keep it hidden because one of them is still uncomfortable in their sexuality. Based on the singer’s experience with a similar situation, Abigail navigates those confusing and often frustrating feelings with wit and relatability.

The song doesn’t only showcase Abigail’s song-writing abilities, she also plays every instrument on the track except for the drums, which are played by Victor Indrizzo.

You can stream all her music on Spotify and catch her on HULU’s ‘Love, Victor’, the TV show sequel to the film ‘Love, Simon’.


A vibrant and lively jazz/soul/alt-RnB singer based in New Jersey, Bymaddz has independently been putting out music since 2018 and has the distinct ability to keep each project unmistakably HER.

The track ‘Mind Right’ is a clear example of her originality. The song takes the subject of feeling the pressure of life getting down on you while you struggle to get yourself together and, through a deliberate construction of sounds, creates a visual experience that feels like what watching an impressionist painting would sound like.

This artist’s latest EP, and all her previous works, can be found on her Spotify.

Ash Morgan

A Portland artist on the fast track to becoming a staple for any Sapphic inclined playlist, her single ‘Just not Her’ is a classic alt-bedroom pop track. It’s perfect for anyone in need of a song to listen to at 2 AM while trying to decide on whether they should cut themselves a mullet to look gayer. FYI, the answer is always: YES!

‘Just not Her’ is about the experience of coming to terms with one’s sexuality while bounded by a straight relationship, and the doubts of never having been with a person of the same sex during said realisation. The track also takes you through the complex and difficult journey of finding oneself and accepting that the pressures put on us by society only constrain us from being who we are supposed to be.

Ash is also very active on TikTok and Youtube, and you can find all her music on Spotify.

Mae Krell

After returning from a two-year hiatus in 2020, this New York Based singer-songwriter has entered a more mature folk-pop musical era culminating with her latest song: ‘colorblind’ coming out on June 25th, 2021.

The song reflects on the pain of a lost relationship, with it being inspired by the singer’s breakup with the first girl they ever fell in love with. The wounded lyrics recall the helpless feeling that comes with getting heartbroken and feeling like your world is folding onto itself. This with a swirling hurray of guitars and sporadic drumming as background.

‘Colorblind’ was entirely produced during quarantine, with the help of multi-instrumentalist and producer Jakob Leventhal.

Not only is Mae a great artist, but they have also been a live music photographer, founded the online music magazine ‘Tongue Tied Magazine’ and started a multimedia marketing and PR company called ‘Bitch mgmt’.

All their music can be streamed on Spotify.