BLUEM and her hopeful debut single ‘Justice Eyes’

Ines Murer, better known as BLUEM, is a bilingual Belgian songwriter, singer and composer. BLUEM started her adventure with song writing when she was just 12 and currently is working on her first album, music for a dance piece and, on top of that, she is finishing her studies at Trinity Laban Conservatories in London. Her sound is a mix of indie, electronic, and modern pop.

BLUEM just released her first single ‘Justice Eyes’ last week, from her upcoming album ‘WoMan’ which is scheduled to come out at the end of this year.

The song talks about people banding together for social reform, and the importance of communities. It’s an indie pop-rock fantasy with powerful lyrics. Filled with BLUEM’s calm, but strong voice combined with classic pop instrumentals. Together, they make a beautiful, upbeat track.

BLUEM, describing her debut single, said “The song reflects on the last year where, though we were physically distanced, people have continued to find their voice and fight for social justice during protests, particularly the BLM protests of last May”.

The music video for ‘Justice Eyes’ is coming out this Friday! So, keep an eye out for this one.

© Rebecca Morée Galian

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