5 Up-and-Coming Musicians about to go Viral

Fox and Bones

 We all have that one artist that we find in our Spotify radio, or YouTube recommendations that becomes our little secret. We pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge of the music industry only to find that, a few months down the line, we switch on the radio and find that “Budapest” is BBC Radio One’s most requested track and everyone is asking why “I should never make a change”. Here at The Curve, we’ve got you covered. We’ve searched high and low for the artists we feel are just moments away from Glastonbury main stages and Grammy red carpets.

Kevin Fernando

Based in Chennai, South India, Kevin Fernando is an acoustic singer-songwriter who prides himself on silky smooth vocals and guitar playing to make Ed Sheeran blush. His song, “Windy”, was the catalyst for his rise which then led to features from Spotify India and shows around the country. He followed this up with electro hit “Foxy” and, most recently, “i’ll find my way to you tomorrow” which has already racked up over one hundred thousand streams on Spotify and seen him featured in Rolling Stone India in mid-February.

You should listen to: “i’ll find my way to you tomorrow”


Following the trend of songwriters making the transition into becoming recording artists themselves, this Swedish singer has been rising into the mainstream since the release of her 2018 single “Drunk And I Miss You”. Having already written for top artists like John Newman and Icona Pop, the expectations for her music were high. Fair to say, no one was disappointed and with follow up releases like “Bang My Head” and recent release, “My 100”, is an ecstatic indie-pop daydream that echoes the likes of Charli XCX and The Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony.

You should listen to: “Bang My Head”

Spectre Jones

“Come for the jams, stay for the feels” is the introduction to Spectre Jones’ Spotify bio and, to be honest, that sums them up entirely. This indie band based out of Los Angeles, California, have such a wide range of songs with influences right across the musical spectrum. Ranging from slower folk tunes like “Sturdy” and “Surplus” that draw similarities to Bon Iver’s early work to their most recent song “Nobody Else” which is a heavy, guitar driven piece of blues-rock. They have something for everyone, and no one will be left disappointed as they take you on a journey through their music.

You should listen to: “Surplus”

Beren Olivia

It is always interesting to hear such a wide range of influences in one artist’s music and that’s exactly what we see here with Beren Olivia who names artists ranging from Avril Lavigne to Tim McGraw and Halsey her music is an eclectic mix of genres making for a compelling indie-pop sound that combines these genres perfectly. Her most recent single, “Read My Mind”, is made for stadiums with its soaring, guitar driven chorus and electronic influences.   

You should listen to: “History (feat. Lostboycrow”)

Fox and Bones

Portland based modern vintage duo Fox and Bones have come a long way since they burst on to the scene in 2016 with their debut record, “The Remarkable Adventures Of”. Combining folk, pop, soul and Americana music is no easy task but they do it seamlessly, creating a wide range of tracks. With the voices of both Sarah Vitort and Scott Gilmore combining perfectly it makes us wonder why there aren’t more duos out there, not that they would have a chance against Fox and Bones anyways.   

You should listen to: “A Changing of the Guard”

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