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The Importance of Personal Style

The fashion term ‘signature style’ gets thrown around a lot, but what does it actually mean? Having a signature style means, expressing yourself without words, being daring enough to be creative through fashion.

The idea of having your own personal style can often seem daunting at first because you don’t know where to begin.

Whilst getting fashion inspiration from celebrities has its merits, knowing a
look that will work for you for years instead of wanting to dress exactly like
somebody else will empower you.

Here are five reasons why it’s essential to discover your personal style.

Helps You Declutter Your Wardrobe

Having a personal style means you’re going to have a nice compact wardrobe and you know you will always find something to wear because you’ll have the essentials. Sticking to essential clothes that suit your personal style also helps you save room in your closet.

Budget Friendly

Knowing your style will help you save money. Think about all the clothes you have in your closet with tags on them, that’s money that could be used to purchase clothes that you actually will wear. Understanding your personal style makes sure that you don’t buy items that you’re not going to wear.

Saves Time

Have you ever spent hours going through everything in your closet only to end up with a pile of clothes on your floor saying, “I have nothing to wear!”

Discovering your personal style will avoid this drama from happening again because you’ll know you have outfits that suit you and make you feel comfortable. We spend way too much time trying to figure out what we’re going to wear. Switch it up, know your personal style so that you can save time.

Gives You A Sense Of Identity

Knowing how to style for yourself is going to give you amazing self-confidence. It’s going to give you an identity through clothes, because now you know who you are, and nobody can tell you otherwise.

Promotes Sustainability

Discovering your personal style is crucial for sustainability and the environment because it’s all about limiting your consumption and buying only what you need and will use. Reuse old clothes and invest in good quality eco-friendly pieces that will last forever.

Finding your signature style can be a difficult process but it’s defintely worth doing
Photo credit: Freestocks on Unsplash

Quick And Easy Tips To Find Your Personal Style

By now you’re probably thinking to yourself “Great! I want to find my personal style but how do I actually go about doing that?”

Fear not, here are some tips to help.

Create a mood board

Put together a mood board filled with fashion inspiration, colours you want to try, accessories, locations, and your aesthetic. This will help you visualise and create your personal style.


Another way to find your personal style is by creating lots of different outfits. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, it’s all part of the process. Try different colours and styles and see which one suits you. Remember, fashion is creativity, dare to be different.

Featured image credit: Alyssa-Strohmann on Unsplash

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